Thessaloniki: 4 Days against Extractions and War!

The Struggle Committees of Thessaloniki and Megali Panagia as well as the joint initiative in Turkey-Greece-Cyprus against extractions and war Kazma Birak/ Μας σκάβουν τον λάκκο/ Don’t Dig are organising 4 days of discussions, events and activities from 2nd to 5th December.

Fellow activists from environmental movements in Turkey and Romania will travel to Thessaloniki and Megali Panagia in a caravan against mining and war.

This is a time when the debate on the climate crisis is in the spotlight. Nature is being destroyed on a daily basis, biodiversity and water are being threatened while the needs of local communities are being sidelined. At a time when mining is being presented as part of the solution, both within and across borders, we stress that it is an integral part of the problem, with devastating consequences for the environment and people.

At the same time, the threat of war is all around us. In the context of geopolitical rivalries and the fight for control of energy resources, armaments are growing, nationalist conflicts are intensified, and more and more regions are experiencing the horrors of war. The peoples who share the land, sea and air in our region are not enemies, we have nothing to divide us, nor do we want to fight for the interests of the capitalists and their governments.

In this context, we talk with people who have been involved in anti-mining movements against corporate profits. We share experiences with activists from environmental movements and explore what we can do to join our campaigns. We are starting a debate on how movements can stand up to the threat of war.

A detailed programme for the 4-day event:

Saturday, December 2nd

6pm, ENEKEN cultural center (Pr. Koromila 37)

The struggles against mining in Greece – Turkey – Romania


  • Seyhan Yüksek (Kazdağı Association for the Protection of Natural and Cultural Heritage, Turkey)
  • Roxana Pencea Bradatan (Mining Watch – Romania) 
  • Nikos Anastasiadis (Thessaloniki Anti-mining Struggle Committee)

A discussion will follow.

– 10pm, Iskra social center (Amynta 12)

Meeting the comrades from the caravan

Sunday, December 3rd

-11am Megali Panagia – Chorostasi square

Mountain walk through the forest of Kakavos in the landscapes of destruction

-3pm Style Café 

Food and open discussion of environmental movements with the Megali Panagia Struggle Committee.

Monday, December 4th 

– 12pm, Venizelos Statue

A guided tour through landmarks of popular struggles and different cultures of Thessaloniki, in the western part of the city centre with Yannis Glarnetatzis.

– 6pm TAKIM social space (Katouni 25)

Movements discuss: Exchange of experiences on environmental struggles and the question of war

– 10pm [TAKIM] Raki and meze

Tuesday, December 5th

– 8pm Free Social Space Scholeio (King George and Bizaniou str)

Greek-Turkish friendship music feast

With the music group Bayanlar

With our common music, dances, drinks and appetizers

Organised by: 

Struggle Committee of Thessaloniki, Struggle Committee of Megali Panagia, Kazma Birak/ Μας σκάβουν τον λάκκο/ Don’t Dig

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