Public meeting on the 10 year anniversary of “Occupy Nigeria” by the Revolutionary Socialist Movement

We publish below the press statement of RSM calling for a public meeting on the anniversary of the movement “Occupy Nigeria” and its relevance today

Revolutionary Socialist Movement (RSM) organises public symposium on “Occupy Nigeria”

Press Statement

15 February, 2022

Revolutionary Socialist Movement –RSM– invites you to a public discussion, under the title 

10 years from “Occupy Nigeria” – when the masses “stormed heaven”: Lessons for today.

As we all know, ten years ago a mighty movement shook Nigeria. When the   Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) removed the fuel subsidy and increased the price of Premium Motor Spirit-PMS, a huge movement broke out after the call of the trade union centres for indefinite general strike and mass protests. 

The strike was very successful, communities engaged in self-security and voluntary pickets to enforce the strike peacefully. Both the formal and informal economy were shut down, from airports to seaports, from roads to railways. Each and every one of the eight days of general strike witnessed mass rallies and community protests. There was a high level of discipline, class consciousness and solidarity throughout these 8 days. 

The same issues are posed today. Despite the rising oil prices and the massive profits accrued from this, this is concentrated in the hands of a tiny minority, the ruling class, while the mass of the population is living in poverty. 

As we write there are queues at different filling station across Nigeria. This is after the federal government announced that the regime will not remove subsidy. 

The regime has attempted to increase fuel pump price by removing the subsidy, but last month it was forced to retreat. This however is only temporary. They are going to come back on this, when they feel that conditions make it easier for them to impose their plans. They say that they will increase the fuel pump price in order to use the subsidy to support transportation of ordinary Nigerians, but this is just another one of their hypocritical lies. The fact is they don’t care about the poor. 

We need to know our enemy and plan our fight back. 

RSM invites you to join the discussion on Saturday, 2:30pm

zoom link:   

Meeting ID: 830 6704 5431

Passcode: 190222

Speakers are from trade unions, social movements and left and radical parties. They include: 

  • Abbey Trotsky, National Chair of Socialist Party of Nigeria 
  • Omoyele Sowore, National Chair of African Action Congress
  • Owie Lakemfa, former secretary of African Worker 
  • Martin Adekulne, GS NUAHP 
  • Jaiye Gaskia, TPAP-M Secretariat 
  • Dimeji Macaulay, RSM 

Salako Kayode

Publicity Secretary of RSM

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