Khuzestan’s Vanguard Socialist Workers call for general strike until socialist revolution’s victory

Yesterday [October 12th] was the 27th day of the heroic youth protests in the streets. With this difference that on Monday, October 10th, the militant workers of the different phases of Asaluyeh and Abadan petrochemicals started their strikes in solidarity with the street protests. Although earlier, in response to the nationwide uprising of Iranians, students and businessmen in different cities also went on strike against the regime of the Islamic Republic.

Khuzestan has also started labour strikes in solidarity with the street protests of women and youth. Cities and even villages joined the protests.

The first and most important thing we should pay attention to is that we are all, everywhere in Iran, at the stage of entering a revolution in its true sense. The goal of all of us is to overthrow the clerical-capitalist system and to create a socialist and people’s government that guarantees justice, freedom, equality and an honourable life for all of us. This revolutionary process is rapidly moving towards overthrowing [the system] and each of us must play our role to reach this objective. And be more determined than before in continuing the strikes and protests.

Our next step is to prepare for the organisation of a co-ordinating command centre approved by the masses in the streets and striking workers. Today, [providing] this leadership command centre rests on the shoulders of Khuzestan’s striking workers. A command centre composed of striking workers is also capable of leading street protests and implementing nationwide co-ordination in Iran. Today the militant youth are shouting in the streets: “Our oil workers! Our steadfast leaders!” We must respond positively to their slogan! A workers’ strike is a display of workers’ power. Those who can disrupt oil and petrochemical production in the current situation can be the source of power and leadership of the whole of society. Let’s not forget that in February 1979 it was the shutting off of the oil valves by the oil company workers that broke the back of the Shah’s regime. This is why the noble workers of Khuzestan should use this power to lead the whole of society and overthrow the clerical-capitalist system and replace it with a socialist system.

Today we need an organising command centre of the socialist revolution. Our task is to stand up with strength and invite each other to stand up.

Workers, workers, strike, strike!
Workers, students, unite, unite!
Our oil workers! Our steadfast leaders!

Vanguard Socialist Workers of Khuzestan
13 October 2022

Source: Telegram channel of Khuzestan Vanguard Socialist Workers’ Cell

Translation: Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign  

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