Italian Anticapitalist Left – appeal for convening a meeting of internationalist forces

We publish a call for an international meeting of internationalist forces made by a number of Italian anticapitalist left organisations

The order dictated by imperialism with the iron and blood of two world wars in the 20th century is in crisis. All the powers have started a major and fast-paced rearmament cycle. State intervention and protectionist measures are catching on in the politics of all the world’s capitals.

Faced with the return of war in Europe – the war in Ukraine –, the profusion of conflicts that are often forgotten by mass-media, and the rising tensions in the Chinese Sea and about Taiwan, we believe that a dialogue between internationalist groups is necessary to strengthen our opposition to the new imperialist barbarism. We all agree that the international situation is showing a worsening trend.

Clashes between powers can seize and drag with them billions of proletarians. We believe it is imperative to make our class hear a voice that opposes nationalism and social-imperialism, that is, the forces which comply with the ruling class’ capitalist and imperialist politics in the name of national unity. A debate is needed, involving the various internationalist organizations and tendencies in the workers’ movement, and concerning imperialism and the national question in the 21st century – the epoch of the struggle between colossal states. Whatever the word “nation” means, the bourgeoisies use it to conceal the division between the exploited and exploiters, the oppressed and oppressors.

We therefore appeal to all organizations whose political action is founded on opposition to the state and bourgeois rule, and on the unification of the workers of all countries.

To this purpose we propose to organize an international meeting in Milan by next summer. This meeting is intended as an opportunity to discuss our respective evaluations of the global situation. This invitation is addressed to all organizations that trace back to the internationalist traditions in the workers’ movement.

We ask for your availability to participate in this meeting. According to the number of prospective participants we will suggest a date and specify an organizational proposal.

Milan, 22.1.2023

The promoting committee for an internationalist initiative

Promoting organizations:

Associazione Marxista Rivoluzionaria Controvento (Revolutionary Marxist Association ‘Against the Wind’)

ControCorrente (CounterCurrent)

Lotta Comunista (Communist Struggle)

Partito Comunista dei Lavoratori (Communist Workers’ Party)

Rivoluzione Comunista (Communist Revolution)

Sinistra Anticapitalista (Anticapitalist Left)

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