International declaration supporting the Workers’ Left Front – Unity (FITU) in the Argentine elections

Re-post from International Socialist League

Buenos Aires, October 6, 2023

Those of us who sign this declaration express our support for the candidacies of the Workers’ Left Front – Unity (FITU) in the next presidential elections on October 22 in Argentina, led by the formula of Myriam Bregman and Nicolás Del Caño together with Vanina Biasi, Cele Fierro, Patricio del Corro and Mercedes Mendieta in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires; Rubén Pollo Sobrero, Christian Castillo, Néstor Pitrola and Andrea Lanzette in the Province of Buenos Aires; Alejandro Vilca in Jujuy; Liliana Olivero in Córdoba; Andrea Villegas in Salta; Miguel del Plá in Santa Cruz; and recognized workers, popular and youth fighters on the lists throughout the country.

In a context of worsening world capitalist crisis, wars, attacks on the living conditions of the social majorities and a climate catastrophe, it is necessary to strengthen a left-wing, anti-capitalist and socialist solution, for a government of the working class.

The elections take place in the context of an Argentina that is approaching a new economic, political and social collapse and of an adjustment carried out by the Peronist government of the Everyone’s Front/Union for the Homeland that is affecting the working class, the poorest sectors of the population. We are facing a political regime subject to the dictates of the IMF, imperialism, multinational corporations and the Argentine bourgeoisie. The latest primaries (PASO) have revealed the enormous social and political unrest of millions of people with the policies of the traditional capitalist parties that have managed the nation-state and worsened the living conditions of the large popular majorities in recent decades.

In the PASO, an emerging figure outside the traditional parties, has won, the far-right Javier Milei. Milei proposes the dollarization of the economy, a fundamental labor reform to eliminate labor rights, and a privatization plan. That is, a plan to attack the working class to decisively intensify capitalist exploitation in Argentina. His vice presidential candidate and his main candidates are deniers of the dictatorship. Furthermore, they shout that they will definitely hand over the Malvinas, privatize the rivers and take away the rights won from the women’s movement and dissidents. Therefore, the Left Front intends to fight actively and in unity against this extreme right-wing expression.

Milei’s emergence occurred in a context of unrest and anger with the government and traditional employers’ politicians. And also from the conservative political and ideological climate generated by the pressure of big capital and the large capitalist political coalitions that are in a deep crisis. This is evidenced by the results of Patricia Bullrich, representative of the right-wing Together for Change, and Sergio Massa, Minister of Economy of the current government of Alberto Fernández, responsible for the adjustments of recent years and which continue today. Just one day after the PASO, in a severe social situation, Massa applied a new adjustment that makes food and other essential products more expensive, devaluing the currency by 22% at the request of the IMF. And now, pressed by his own electoral needs, he belatedly announced some measures for sectors of workers which are also completely insufficient.

In this difficult scenario, the Left Front Unity, which is a coalition of the classist and socialist left made up of the Socialist Workers’ Party (PTS), the Workers’ Party (PO), the Socialist Left (IS) and the Workers’ Socialist Movement (MST), has once again shown itself as the only reference of class independence linked to workers, women and youth to confront the adjustment parties and willing to fight in opposition to the growth of the right. And it is, in fact, the only political force that opposes all the governments that adjust, and who must once again be in the front row in the street against Milei and anyone who seeks to curtail the rights of the population.

Of the five candidates that will be presented in the official elections in October, the FIT-U with its presidential formula headed by Myriam Bregman, all its candidacies and its militancy is the only political alternative that proposes breaking with the IMF and not paying the debt, calling on workers, youth and all exploited and oppressed sectors to fight for a workers’ and popular program to defend salaries, pensions, for insurance for the unemployed against unemployment, and the distribution of working hours without affecting the salary and the reduction of the working day to six hours without affecting the salary or collective labor agreements, to generate genuine work, against real estate speculation, for the nationalization of banking and foreign trade, expropriation under control worker in large companies that speculate on prices and the hunger of the people, the defense of the rights of women and the LGTB+ collective, against extractivism that loots, destroys and pollutes, in defense of the environment and the rights of indigenous peoples. This requires uniting the group of exploited people that the employers and bureaucratic union leaderships divide between effective, contracted, precarious and unemployed, providing support to all workers, piqueteros’, popular and youth struggles. With this program, the FITU calls on workers to confront both the government’s adjustment and the measures proposed by the right-wing opposition in the streets, following the path opened by the recent struggle of Jujuy’s people against an antidemocratic and bosses’ constitutional reform and the great struggles of the independent piquetero movement and the recovered trade unions. With this position, the FITU was at the forefront of confronting the organizers of a denialist and pro-dictatorship act inside and outside the Buenos Aires Legislature.

As has been demonstrated in Argentina and other countries around the world, the policies of the center-left or “progressivism”, which govern for the capitalists, handcuff the organizations of the working class with the collaboration of the union bureaucracy and apply adjustment policies without solving none of the problems suffered by workers and popular sectors, and have been paving the way for the right and the extreme right. On the other hand, the popular rebellions in Latin America show the way to confront this offensive and make way for the fight for a workers’ government and socialism.

If there is a key conclusion of the last political cycle, it is that the extreme right of Milei in Argentina, Bolsonaro in Brazil, Trump in the US, Vox in the Spanish State, Le Pen and Zemmour in France cannot be combated with the application of measures of adjustment to those who have less and right-wing policies. Faced with the crisis of the traditional right and the failure of the center-left variants that are the “progressive” face of the capitalist attacks against the working people, what is needed is to defend a policy of class independence: convene the working class and the people to intervene, supporting the ongoing struggles and overcoming the paralysis imposed by the trade union bureaucracy, for urgent demands and by a workers’ government and socialism.

Given this scenario, in the next national elections the FIT-U is the only force that defends a program of class struggle and independence that can give political expression on the left to the social rage of broad sectors of the working class, women and the youth, and that also fights to conquer new left-wing seats to put them at the service of the fight against the advance of the right and all the adjusters. The FIT-U objectively expresses a perspective of struggle to fight for the working class to propose its own program in the face of the ongoing social crisis and a fundamental socialist solution to reorganize the entire economy in a democratic and rational way based on the popular needs and not capitalist profits.

For all this, we, activists, personalities, intellectuals, referents and leaders of the parties that call themselves workers, anti-imperialist and/or left, of the labor movement, the peasantry, the youth, the women’s movement, the LGBTQ+ movement, the environmental movement, activists and organizations that confront capitalist oppression, we support the candidacies of the Workers’ Left Front – Unity (FIT-U) in the upcoming presidential elections on October 22 in Argentina, and we call for expanding this support.

Send endorsements to or through the comrades who sent you this declaration.

First signatures that reach us, subscribing to the international declaration in support of the Left Front Unity of Argentina, before the national elections on October 22

Revolutionary Socialist League (RSL) of Kenya.

The Struggle of Pakistan.

Revolutionary Students Front (RSF) of Pakistan

Pakistan Trade Union Defense Campaign (PTUDC) of Pakistan

Tempest Collective of the United States

Socialist Alternative of Australia

Ukrainian Socialist League of Ukraine

Media for Sheroes Global of Ghana

Socialismo y Libertad (Sol) of Spain

ISL – Ecuador

Grupo Socialista Obrero (GSO) of Mexico

Revolución Socialista of Brasil

Unidad Obrera Socialista (Unios) of Colombia

Alternativa Socialista of Perú

Marea Socialista of Venezuela

Alternativa Socialista of Paraguay.

Alternativa Anticapitalista, Nicaragua

Red de organizaciones de la zona Oeste (ROZO) of Haiti

Asociación de profesoras/es de Saint-Raphael (AESR) of Haití

Partido Revolucionario de las y los Trabajadores (PRT) of Costa Rica

Movimiento de Trabajadores y Campesinos (MTC) of Costa Rica

Xekinima – Internationalist Socialist Organization of Greece

Internationalist Standpoint

Movimiento Anticapitalista of Chile

Mick Armstron, national leadership, AS Australia

Chaiaa Ahmed Baba Beiruk, ISL – Western Sahara

Marco Aurelio Cuevas Dí, leadership, GSO México

Román Yerashenia, Liza Merlyak y Maxim Poznyakov. Activists and labor leaders of Belarus exiled in Germany.

Gonzalo Gomez, founder of APORREA anternative media y Gustavo Martinez, labor leader and Marea Socialista, Jean Mendoza, Secretary General of the SITRAEMAS union, of Madera del Estado Anzoátegui, Venezuela and member of Marea Socialista, Venezuela

Patricia Ramos Con, socialist feminist lawyer, Orlando Barrantes Cartín, Comité Ejecutivo Bloque de Vivienda, María Fernanda Mora Calvo, social worker and choreographer, Adrián Jaén España, sociologist, Comité Ejecutivo del Bloque de Vivienda, Allen Cordero Ulate, sociologist and philosopher, Jorge Conte Guerra, sociologist, member of the Junta directiva del sindicato Unión de Trabajadores y trabajadoras de la Universidad Técnica Nacional (UTRA-UTN), David Morera Herrera, sociology professor, Universidad Nacional, Rafael Morera Ramos, high school student, Grace Serrano, Comité Preservación de Ecosistemas, Upala zona norte,  María José Lechado, Comité Ejecutivo, Socorro Trejos, Comité Ejecutivo Bloque de Vivienda, Gloria Mercedes Meneses Navas, Comité de Lucha por Vivienda de la Morocha, concepción de Alajuelita, María de los Ángeles Téllez Córdoba, Comité de Lucha por Vivienda de Monte Alto, Concepción de Alajuelita, Josseling Silva Ruiz, Comité de Lucha por Vivienda de Monte Alto, Concepción de Alajuelita, Josseling Denisse García Quintanilla, Comité de Lucha por Vivienda de Monte Alto, Concepción de Alajuelita, Gastón Eduardo Carrillo Bianchi, Pensionado, Esteban Paniagua Vega, filósofo y asesor Sindicato de Trabajadores del Instituto Nacional de Enseñanza y Aprendizaje (SITRAINA), Gastón Eduardo Carrillo Bianchi, Socorro Vargas Araya, Administradora Educativa,José René Tamariz, Docente de Secundaria, Álvaro Espinoza Alfaro,  exdirigente sindical de Acueductos y Slcantarillado de Costa Rica

Tomás Andino Mencía, ex legislator of Unificación Democrática leader of the Plataforma contra el continuismo, Honduras

David Turpin, Anti-War Committees in Solidarity with the Struggles for Self-Determination and Francisco Jiménez, health worker. San Francisco, California. US

Ernesto García Linares, social science professor, ex legislator candidate for UST, El Salvador

Itzel Fajardo Sagastume pf Nicaragua exiled in Spain.

Rubén Tzanoff, Socialismo y Libertad and Florencia Salgueiro, Juntas y a la Izquierdas, Spain

Vidal Aragonés. Ex legislator of the CUP. Labor lawyer, Catalonian Countries

Oleg Vernyk, president of the «Zahist Pratsi» Independent Union, Ukrainian Socialist League, Ukraine

Sergio Galarce, Stockholm – Sweeden

Roney Turus, ISL UK

Camilo Parada leadership, Movimiento Anticapitalista; Eliana Ponce and Tomas Pizarro Meniconi – Activistas en los Humedales, Puerto Month – Chile

Gleice Oliveira – historian and professor – Manaus/AM,  Silvia Leticia – Vereadora do PSOL de Belém-PA e Coordenadora do SINTEPP, Rayme Sousa – Co-vereador do Mandato Coletivo PSOL/Belém-PA e Vice Presidente do SINTSUAS – PA (ASSISTÊNCIA SOCIAL), Wladimir Varela – CO-vereador do Mandato Coletivo PSOL/Belém -PA e Vice Presidente da ASSESAN (Saneamento), Karina Lopes – Co-vereadora do Mandato Coletivo PSOL/Belém-PA, Edivaldo Silva – Co-vereador do Mandato Coletivo PSOL/Belém-PA Associação de Trabalhadores em Cemitérios – Belém -PA, Nancy de Oliveira Galvão – Secretaria Executiva Nacional da CSP CONLUTAS, Alex Fernandes – Secretaria Executiva Nacional da CSP CONLUTAS e da Direção do Sindicato dos Metroviários de São Paulo, Neide Solimões – Conselho Político do Mandato Coletivo PSOL/Belém-PA e Direção da CSP Conlutas- PA, Vera Coimbra – Executiva Estadual da CSP CONLUTAS/SP, Mauricio Matos – Direção Nacional da FENAMP, André Luiz Tavares – Coordenação do SINTEPP BELÉM-PA, Andréa Matos – Regional Norte II – ANDES, Carlos Alberto – Professor, Coordenador de Finanças do SINTEPP BELÉM, Carlos Roberto de Souza – Diretor do Sind. Químicos SJCampos/SP (Jacareí), Jacilene do Socorro– Coordenadora Geral da Sub-Sede do SINTEPP de Baião/PA., Reginaldo Reis – Coordenação da Sub-Sede do Sintepp Baião/PA., Dulcideia Palheta – Professora, Associação Cultural IAÇA, Lucia Farias da Rosa – Professora, Coordenação do SINTEPP BELÉM-PA, Marcelo Diniz – Professor, Coordenação Estadual do SINTEPP Pará, Miriam Sodré – Professora, Secretária Geral do SINTEPP BELÉM, Madalena Gonçalves – Coordenação do SINTEPP BELÉM-PA, Paulo Sérgio – Coordenação Estadual do SINTEPP- PA, Carlos Eduardo – Coordenação do SINTEPP BELÉM-PA, Marcely Carneiro – Coordenação do SINTEPP BELÉM-PA, Sandra Nascimento – Coordenação do SINTEPP BELÉM-PA, Cristiane Vilaça – Coordenação do SINTEPP BELÉM-PA, Antônio Brito – Coordenação do SINTEPP BELÉM-PA, Ilza dos Remédios – Coordenação do SINTEPP BELÉM-PA, Alcir Lima – Coordenação do SINTEPP BELÉM-PA, Edilson Vinagre – Coordenação do SINTEPP BELÉM-PA, Sheila Ratis – Conselho Político do Mandato Coletivo PSOL/Belém-PA, Luiz Ratis – Conselho Político do Mandato Coletivo PSOL/Belém-PA, Neno Freitas – Conselho Político do Mandato Coletivo PSOL/Belém-PA e Presidente da Associação dos compositores de Samba de Belém -PA, Rosa Oliveira – Conselho Político do Mandato Coletivo PSOL/Belém-PA e Presidente da Associação Pássaro Junino Ararajuba, Maryzaura Oliveira – Conselho Político do Mandato Coletivo PSOL/Belém-PA, Wagner Cabano – Conselho Político do Mandato Coletivo PSOL/Belém-PA e Membro do Movimento Convoca SEMEC, Bernadeth Mamede – Conselho Político do Mandato Coletivo PSOL/Belém-PA e Presidente da Associação dos Moradores Jardim Bela Vista – Tapanã, Diane Moraes – Conselho Político do Mandato Coletivo PSOL/Belém-PA, Carla Corado – Conselho Político do Mandato Coletivo PSOL/Belém-PA e Fórum de Servidores Municipais de Belém -PA, Cassandra Varela – Conselho Político do Mandato Coletivo PSOL/Belém-PA e Membro da Frente Evangélica pelo Estado Democrático de Direito, Renaldo Reis – Conselho Político do Mandato Coletivo PSOL/Belém-PA e Servidor Municipal da Semma, Rosallyne – Conselho Político do Mandato Coletivo PSOL/Belém-PA e Servidora Municipal da Semec, Wellington Luiz Cabral – Direção do Sind. dos Químicos de São José dos Campos e Região-SP, Executiva da FETQUIM, Davi Paulo Junior – Direção do Sind. dos Químicos de São José dos Campos e Região/SP, Executiva Estadual da CSP CONLUTAS/SP, Demetrius Marcelino – Oposição Sind. dos Serv. Municipais de Aparecida, Angelo Balbino – Oposição SINPRO-DF, Suzete Chaffin – Professora, Executiva Estadual da CSP CONLUTAS/SP, Cristiano Idalgo Leite Yutha – Direção do Sind. Dos Químicos – Jacareí/SP, Juliana de Freitas – Professora, Oposição SINPRO-DF, Lucas Barbosa – Professor, Coordenação SINASEFE-DF, Matheus Pontes – Coordenação SINASEFE CACERES-MT, Messias Flexa – Professor, Oposição SINSEPEAP – Amapá, Douglas Diniz – Direção Nacional do PSOL, Eduardo Rodrigues – Diretório do PSOL Ananindeua Pará, Daniela – Coletivo Feminista Marielle Vive, Zarah Trindade – Coletivo Feminista Marielle Vive, Nilmara – Coletivo Feminista Mariela Vive, Walcicleia Cruz – Conselho Político do Mandato Coletivo PSOL/Belém-PA, Sandra Regina – Conselho Político do Mandato Coletivo PSOL/Belém-PA e Direção do Sintepp Belém, Denize – Conselho Político do Mandato Coletivo PSOL/Belém-PA e Servidora Municipal da Sesma, Cibele – Conselho Político do Mandato Coletivo PSOL/Belém-PA e Servidora Municipal da FUNBOSQUE, Plínio de Arruda Sampaio Jr.- Economista e Professor da Unicamp, Verónica O’Kelly – Assistente Social- Direção Nacional de Revolução Socialista, LIS, Alex Adriano Alcazar Fernandes – Metroviário – Diretor do Sindicato de Metroviários e Metroviárias de SP e Unidos pra Lutar. Revolução Socialista. LIS, Rafael de Almeida Pereira – Designer e militante- Revolução Socialista, Liga Internacional Socialista, Bruno César Deschamps Meirinho- Advogado – Revolução Socialista/LIS PSOL, Wellington Luiz Cabral – Quimicos – Federação dos trabalhadores Químicos do estado de São Paulo, Sindicato dos trabalhadores nas indústrias químicas e farmacêuticas de São José dos Campos e região SP, Lucas Barbosa – Professor- Revolução Socialista – PSOL. LIS, Juliana de Freitas Nascimento – Professora – Unidos pra lutar. Revolução Socialista – PSOL. LIS, Matheus de Mesquita e Pontes – Professor IFGoiano – PSOL / Revolução Socialista. LIS, Vera Lúcia Coimbra Moreira – Saúde – CSP Conlutas, Revolução Socialista/PSOL. LIS, Mauro Sérgio de Jesus Fernandes – Advogado – OAB, Alessandro Fernandes- Professor- Revolução Socialista LIS, Modesto Neto Professor- Revolução Socialista – PSOL. LIS Brasil

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