The Romanian housing movement – WIN meeting, Sunday January 21

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A Workers’ International Network meeting – THE ROMANIAN HOUSING MOVEMENT- Sunday 21st January 2024 at 4pm GMT

5 pm in central Europe, 6 pm in Greece and Cyprus, 6 pm in South Africa, 9 pm in Pakistan, 9-30 pm in India and Sri Lanka, midnight in the Philippines, 8 am in California and 11am in New York.

Rents are skyrocketing, real salaries are falling. Workers spend a big chunk of their income to pay for housing, while social housing projects are becoming scarcer. Inflation has pushed building materials up, and making buying a house a distant dream for most young people. Over-indebtedness means that a lot of people are losing their houses by the banks, and marginalized groups are being affected the most. The tourism industry is gentrifying city centres, pushing workers out of their homes.

The Social housing NOW! movement  in Romania revealed the need to politicize the question of social housing and carried on its activity by supporting ethnic Roma people belonging to the impoverished working class, in gaining a voice in the struggle for an anti-racist and just public housing policy.

Enikő Vincze, a professor at Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, and a leading member of the Social housing NOW! movement will be speaking to present the housing situation in Romania and the attempts to mobilise tenants.

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