Teachers strike in Nigeria: statement by RSM

We publish below the statement of the Revolutionary Socialist Movement in Nigeria, regarding strike action by teachers in Federal Capital Territory.

Revolutionary Socialist Movement – RSM 

Press Statement 

February 3, 2022

RSM supports LEA teachers strike in FCT

We call on the masses and the central trade union leaders in FCT to mobilise in solidarity with the LEA teachers, to rescue the collapse of public education. 

Revolutionary Socialist Movement (RSM) supports the striking FCT local education teachers in primary schools and calls on the parents and masses   to support their demands. 

 The demands of the striking teachers include non-implementation of teachers’ promotion arrears from 2014 to 2018, non-implementation of 2020 and 2021 annual increments, and upgrading of qualified teachers. They also  demand the implementation of 24 months Federal Government approved minimum wage arrears.

Revolutionary socialist movement (RSM) supports the demands of the primary school teachers of the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) in FCT, these demands are very important. Even though the leadership of the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) has agreed to satisfy the demands,  five other area councils in the FCT have refused to meet the demands of the striking teachers. 

This strike, like many in the past, is to force the Αrea Council to meet their demands. Μany of the Area Council chairmen are re-contesting in the February 12 Area Council elections and those that aren’t re-contesting are spending huge amounts to get their preferred candidates elected. This money is actually looted public money that should be spend to meet the demands of the striking primary school teachers and to invest in public education, to allow for the children of workers and poor families to have proper education.

We salute the courage of the primary school teachers. The union suspended the strike in December 2021 following an agreement with the area councils and after intervention from Mr. Philip Aduda the serving senator of FCT. The Council Chairmen however failed to fulfil the initial commitments made with the striking teachers and this resulted in the resumption of the strike. 

We think it is very important to organise regular congresses of the NUT State Wing Executive Council (SWEC) and seek solidarity from other chapters of the union. 

It is necessary to produce leaflets and press statements appealing to the Nigerian people to support the teachers’ struggle, so as to put pressure on the Area Council leadership that are more concerned about spending on campaigns in coming elections than to meet the demands of teachers.

The truth is that the ruling elite do not have their children sent to these schools and therefore do not understand and are not interested in the sufferings of the masses. This explains why the government and the area councils refuse to fulfill the agreement they made with the striking teachers.

We call on the masses, labour unions and civil society to support the struggle and demands of the striking teachers and demand of the Αrea Council authority and the Minister of FCT to immediately meet their legitimate demands. 

This support is important for the teachers to achieve victory. 

Their victory is important for the poor masses children who want to have access to quality education.

RSM is committed to always support the struggle of the working class and also call on the masses to join hand in saving public education in Nigeria. 

We demand free functional and quality education at the Area Councils, also we call for improve funding of the education sectors with 26% of the Area Councils budget on the education sector. 

Salako Kayode


Publicity Secretary

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