Solidarity to Irish TD and activist Paul Murphy whose house was targeted by far-right groups

The despicable picketing of Paul Murphy’s home by extreme right-wing racists is a profound illustration of the far-right’s empty political ideas and their inhuman and aggressive approach to people they disagree with in general. The fact that these individuals picketed Paul’s house, where he lives with his partner and his newborn baby, is contemptible.

The far-right picket was secretly organised on April 24th.

Paul Murphy is an elected TD (member of Parliament) with People Before Profit (PBP) and an activist of the eco-socialist group RISE (Revolutionary, Internationalist, Socialist, Environmentalist). He has fought for the rights of ordinary working people for all his political life.

In 2011 he campaigned in Israel / Palestine for the rights of Palestinians and was arrested, imprisoned and deported by the Israeli regime for his participation in the Freedom Flotilla II, which attempted to breach Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip.

He played a leading role in the We Won’t Pay campaign against the unfair water charges imposed on the Irish people by the Irish government. Because of Paul’s prominence in the movement, the Irish State attempted to have him imprisoned (along with others) on trumped-up charges (regarding a protest in Jobstown). The movement rebutted the State’s absurd accusations and all of the accused were found not guilty of all charges.

P. Murphy continues to play an important political role in the Irish Left and continues to fight for the rights of all working class people regardless of ethnicity or cultural background.

No wonder the far-right was completely absent from all political battles to advance workers rights, not to mention they were hostile to the movement for reproductive rights who won the legalisation of abortions.

Paul Murphy and his party were targeted during recent months by the same far-right groups which organise the racist anti-immigrant protests around Ireland.

The cowardly attempt by the far-right to intimidate P. Murphy and RISE will not prove successful. He will have the support of all those who think that worker’s rights and human rights are inextricably linked.

Internationalist Standpoint stands by Paul, his family and comrades and offers its full solidarity.

The battle to crush far-right and neo-nazi thugs is international. We should aim at a united front of all Left forces in every country in order to drive the forces of reaction to the dustbin of history. There should be no underestimation of the danger the far-right represents, as the recent developments in Ireland clearly show.

Breaking news:

We were just informed that yesterday, April 25, there was another attack organised by far-right groups in Ireland. This time, their target was member of Parliament Mick Barry and a group of activists who were leafleting regarding the housing crisis and evictions of working class people. Mick Barry is an MP elected in Cork with People Before Profit-Solidarity and is a member of the Socialist Party and the International Socialist Alternative. We extend our solidarity to Mick and his comrades. The new attack illustrates how the far-right has been emboldened in the recent period and underlines the necessity of a united front of all Left forces in the fight against it. 

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