Solidarity message to the Palestenian people by Namibia miners

This solidarity letter to the Palestinian people was issued by the unlawfully dismissed Mineworkers of Namibia Branch Executive Committee CNNC Rossing
Uranium Ltd

To the Resilient People of Palestine,

We the unlawfully dismissed Branch Executives of the Mineworkers Union of Namibia China National Nuclear Corporation Rossing Uranium Limited, extend our heartfelt solidarity and unwavering support to the brave people of Palestine in their struggle for justice, freedom, and self-determination. We write this letter to express our deep admiration for your resilience and determination in the face of adversity. Having experienced the oppressive chains of colonialism and apartheid ourselves and our forefathers, we understand the pain and suffering caused by the denial of basic human rights. We stand united with you, our Palestinian brothers and sisters, as you strive to overcome the countless challenges imposed upon you by occupation and discrimination. The struggle for justice knows no borders, and it is our duty as fellow workers and advocates of equality to raise our voices alongside yours.

We firmly condemn the ongoing violations of international law, the continued expansion of settlements, and the unjust restrictions on movement and access to basic services that the Palestinian people endure daily. We firmly believe that a just and lasting peace can only be achieved through dialogue, negotiation, and the recognition of the inherent dignity and rights of all individuals.

We call upon the international community to fulfill its moral and legal obligations, to hold accountable those who perpetuate injustice, and to work towards a just and comprehensive resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In this time of struggle, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you, offering our unwavering support and solidarity. We will continue to advocate for an end to the occupation, the right of return for Palestinian refugees, and the establishment of a sovereign and independent Palestine, with East Jerusalem as its capital. We draw strength from your bravery, determination, and unwavering spirit of resistance. Your resilience serves as an inspiration to oppressed people around the world, reminding us that no matter how challenging the circumstances, the pursuit of justice and freedom is always worth fighting for.

In solidarity, we share your pain, your dreams, and your aspirations. Your struggle is our struggle, and we will not rest until justice prevails in Palestine.

In solidarity,

The unlawfully dismissed Mineworkers of Namibia Branch Executive Committee CNNC Rossing Uranium Ltd

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