Over 20,000 contract workers on strike in Iran’s petrochemical industry

Re-post from Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign 

The following is the translation of the Khuzestan Vanguard Socialist Workers’ Cell’s statement on the strike by over 20,000 contract workers in Iran’s oil, gas and petrochemical industries. The strike, which began on June 21st, has been spreading and there are now workers from around 100 contractors involved.

One of the workers’ main demands is for a 14-days on and 14-days off work pattern. This is essential for working in southern Iran, where temperatures have recently exceeded 60 degrees Celsius.

Support for the strikes of thousands of oil contract workers

Our warm greetings to all the striking workers of the oil contract projects.
Dear friends, your strikes on June 21st are a sign of your determination to achieve your rightful demands.
The Khuzestan Vanguard Socialist Workers’ Cell declares its full support for your tireless struggle.
We approve of your rightful demands.
Achieving the 14-14 campaign, the removal of contractors from the oil and gas and power plants, and wage rises are among the demands that can only be realised with the united action of all oil workers.
We also want the contractors to open their account books. The honourable workers of Khuzestan should know how much the income and expenses of managers and contractors who do not give us our rightful pay are. Shouldn’t workers know why their wages are not rising? Wages should rise in line with inflation.
Be victorious.

* Let us build the clandestine socialist vanguard workers’ cells!
* Let us unite the vanguard workers based on the workers’ action programme!
* Let us build the workers’ united general action and form the workers’ leadership command centre!
* Let us fight to form a workers’ government and a free socialist society!

Khuzestan Vanguard Socialist Workers’ Cell
Organiser of KVSWC: Comrade Martin.
23 June 2024

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