On gender-based violence- Statement of 8 Greek immigrant groups living in Europe

Many women, girls and femmes reading this text have already been subject to violence or harassment from a partner, relative, employer or colleague. 

Worldwide, it is estimated that 736 million women (or about one in three women) have experienced physical and/or psychological sexual violence by their partner, by someone else or both, at least once in their lives.

Gender-based violence is distinguished from other forms of violence as it stems from the authoritarian relationship of masculine power over femininity. This form of violence is not recognized as an official term and remains unpunished by the legal system. Although gender-based violence is timeless, intercultural, and observed regardless of class, the patriarchal capitalist system creates, reproduces, cultivates, and uses gender-based violence, sexism, and the subordinate position of femininities according to its needs. Even in ‘developed’ European countries, gender-based violence remains unpunished and the perpetrators are covered-up by the entire system with the help of the police, politicians and often the justice system politicians, police, and often judges.

The media constantly reproduces sexism and washes away the perpetrators, providing a platform to the dominant culture of patriarchy. Thus, women are only considered useful for their bodies, reproducing, and catering to the needs of dominant males who in turn perpetuate rape culture in order to prove their masculinity.

The millions of women who are raped or killed and harassed every day are not an abstract idea or an image in the news. It is us, our daughters, our mothers and the entire LGBTIQI+ community that are in the crosshairs. In Greece in 2021, 17 femicides were officially recorded and there are many more cases of harassment happening daily that we have never even heard of.

Vasiliki, Konstantina, Caroline, Eleni, Garyfallia, Annissa, Maria, Stavroula, Monica, Dora, Nektaria, Tzevrie, Alexandra, and so many others that we will never know their names. Let’s not forget ZackieOh who was murdered in 2018 by “well respected” citizens.

Every year on the 8th of March millions of women, LGBTQI+ individuals and men around the world, protest against the patriarchal idea that women and femmes hold a subordinate social, economic, and interpersonal position even in modern times. It is this subordinate position that creates, allows, and masks gender-based violence.

The Greek-speaking groups of Europe will be present at the demonstrations again this year. 

Against gender-based violence, rape culture and the system that births them.

See you on the streets!

  • Reinform – The Netherland
  • SO.U.RE.A.L – Munich
  • Göteborgs Grekiska Solidaritetsrörelse – Göteborg
  • Greek Migrants Solidarity Initiative Scotland – Edinburgh
  • GR Solidarity Initiative – Barcelona
  • Greek Solidarity Network – U.K. 
  • Ιnitiative des travailleur.euses et étudiant.es grec.ques à Paris
  • Grec.ques solidaires- Bruxelles 

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