No complicity in the ongoing crime against the Palestinian people

Statement of the Greek coordination of the joint campaign Μας σκάβουν τον λάκκο / Kazma Birak in Greece-Turkey-Cyprus against extractions and war. The stamement in Greek can be found here

The ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people is taking place before our very eyes. Contrary to what the Western media is trying to portray, the war did not start on October 7 but 75 years ago, with the systematic killing and displacement of the Palestinian people by the State of Israel. Today, the entire political system of Western capitalism is trying to distort reality by spreading fake news, by reproducing the Israeli army’s non-papers presented as journalism, by hurling accusations of anti-Semitism at anyone who stands up against the crime being committed, by imposing omerta on the massacre in Gaza.

Of course, we do not expect those who have long supported the crimes against the Palestinian people to stop the nightmare. The US, the EU and all Western governments, including the Greek government, have stood by the Israeli army and Netanyahu from the beginning, giving the green light for the ground invasion and the killing of tens of thousands of civilians. Those, who for decades have turned a blind eye to Israel’s violations of international treaties, are now defending Israel’s ‘right to self-defence’ and practically the ethnic cleansing that is taking place.

The allies of the Palestinian people are not among this lot, but in the massive mobilisations that the war has provoked around the world. In the rallies, marches and solidarity actions by hundreds of thousands of workers and students in the USA, in large cities of the EU, in the Arab countries and all over the world, which are often very massive, despite the bans and repression. The allies of the Palestinian people can also be found among Jews all over the world and inside Israel who protest against the mass slaughter of civilians, who shout ‘not in our name’ in their demonstrations, who denounce Netanyahu and try to find ways to stop this crime. What mobilises these people to take to the streets and resist is not ‘anti-Semitism’ and ‘support for terrorists’, for which they are slandered by the system, but the very reality of the crimes of the State of Israel.

As Μας σκάβουν τον λάκκο, the Greek coordination of the joint initiative in Greece-Cyprus-Turkey against extractions and war, we feel obliged to defend historical truth and join the global movement in support of the Palestinian people.

We do not forget that the US, EU and Israeli war industries have been profiting at the expense of the peoples of our region for decades. And we do not forget who is waging the war now. In the Gaza sea area, the underwater gas/oil field is controlled by Energean Oil & Gas (of Greek-Israeli interests). It has long been known that they do not care about the environmental impacts of their pollution and the consequences of the climate collapse we are all experiencing. What we now realise in horror, is that they do not care about children’s and civilians’ loss of lives either. 

We believe in cooperation, solidarity and development of our relations with the peoples of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, within a political, environmental, cultural and humanitarian framework. It is our profound duty to see and speak on behalf of those whose voices are silenced. We believe in peaceful coexistence of the peoples of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. 

Freedom for Palestine!

End apartheid!

Μας σκάβουν τον λάκκο

Greek coordination of the joint initiative in Greece-Turkey-Cyprus against extractions and war

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