Next WIN meeting– The Taiwan Elections: What Now? Sunday 28th January 2024

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A Workers’ International Network meeting – THE TAIWAN ELECTIONS: WHAT NOW? – Sunday 28th January 2024 at 4pm GMT

5 pm in central Europe and Nigeria, 6 pm in Greece, Cyprus, South Africa and Namibia, 7pm in Turkey, 9 pm in Pakistan, 9-30 pm in India and Sri Lanka, midnight in the Philippines and Taiwan, 8 am in California and 11am in New York.

On Sunday January 13, presidential and parliamentary elections were held in Taiwan, in a very polarised atmosphere. The Western powers celebrated the victory of the pro-Western DPP (Democratic Progressive Party) candidate Lai Ching-te. Was this a major blow for China, or a pyrrhic victory for the DPP?

Discussions about a possible military confrontation between China and Taiwan, with the involvement of the US and other Western powers, have been going on for quite a while in Western media. How is this perspective affected by the election results?

Su Sixian is a member of International Socialist Forward in Taiwan. He will introduce and discuss with us all the relevant issues, at the time of mounting geopolitical tensions between the West and China.

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