Next WIN meeting: Tasks of the Brazilian left. Sunday, February 18, 2024

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A Workers’ International Network meeting – Tasks of the Brazilian Left

Sunday 18th February 2024 at 4pm GMT, 5 pm in central Europe and Nigeria, 6 pm in Greece, Cyprus, South Africa and Namibia, 7pm in Turkey, 9 pm in Pakistan, 9-30 pm in India and Sri Lanka, midnight in the Philippines and Taiwan, 8 am in California and 11am in New York.

Events in Brazil have been closely followed by socialists and working-class activists over recent decades. The rise of the Workers’ Party and the election of Lula to government created great expectations. When these were disappointed, this led to the rise of Bolsonaro and the far right.

Now Lula and the Workers’ Party are back in office, this time in alliance with representatives of the ruling class. What can be expected of Lula’s new period in government? What will be the tasks facing the main “anti-capitalist left” party, PSOL? How can a return by Bolsonaro be prevented?

These questions are important not only to Brazil but to the whole Latin American continent, and to working-class activists and social movements internationally.

Marcio Musse – a Brazilian Marxist closely involved in Brazilian developments and in PSOL – will open the subject and review the tasks and the dilemmas facing the Brazilian left and the Marxists.

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