New nationwide teachers’ protest in Iran

On Saturday, February 19th, teachers across Iran once again protested against low wages. In dozens of towns and cities they held rallies against the lack of progress in enacting the teachers’ job classification scheme provisions, including uprating their pay to 80% of the salaries of university faculty members.

This protest was a follow-up of a series of demonstrations by teachers and educators, including on January 31st and December 23rd 2021.

The education departments of various towns and cities were yet again the scene of teachers demanding the full implementation of the teachers’ classification scheme law, which will equalise and improve the pay of teachers and educators. Other demands included the release of jailed teachers and free education for all children (as guaranteed by Article 30 of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Constitution).

In Yasuj, in south-western Iran, teachers even had a large banner with the following slogan: “Raisi, Ghalibaf, this is the last message/ The teachers’ movement is ready for insurrection.”

During the clashes between the security forces, police and plain-clothes officers in Karaj at least 15 people were arrested.

Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign
21 February 2022

Source: Telegram channel of the Co-ordination Council of Teachers’ Trade Organisations.

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