Iran’s oil workers support the mass protests and threaten to go on strike

The following is a message by the Organising Council of Oil Contract Workers’ Protests.

We, the project oil workers, with one voice together with all the people of Iran, once again declare our anger and hatred over the murder of Mahsa Amini – this young girl – by the Morality Patrol; and we support the popular struggles against the organised and every day violence against women and against poverty, insecurity and hell that rules over society.

Mahsa, and others like Mahsa, are our daughters and our family members. How long [are we going to tolerate] the violence against women and the brutality of the Morality Patrol on the streets under the pretext of hejab? How long [are we going to tolerate] hunger and insecurity? Enough is enough!

For us workers and for us the whole people, the right to protest is an inalienable right, and we protest against the oppression, tyranny and repressive apparatus that has been inflicted on us for more than forty years. We are no longer willing to continue to tolerate this slavery and lack of rights.

We, the oil workers, warn you that we will not remain silent if the arrests, the killing of the people and the repression and harassment of women over the veil do not end, and the repression of the people does not end. With one voice with all the people, we will also protest and stop work.

Hear the message of us workers and us the people.

We are warning you.

Organising Council of Oil Contract Workers’ Protests
26 September 2022

Translation: Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign

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