Iran: Sign the petition to release Sepideh Gholian!

As we have reported some days ago, the life of the journalist and activist Sepideh Gholian, who is currently jailed in Iran, is in danger.

There is an ongoing international campaign demanding her release.

We call our readers to sign the petition here 

We reprint here the text of the petition:

Release Sepideh Gholian the Iranian Political Activist

The blood of the Iranian poet, writer and filmmaker Baktash Abtin has not yet dried up, as the vicious and criminal government of The Islamic Republic of Iran is plotting another murder.

This time they have targeted Ms Sepideh Gholian. She is a labour activist and student who was illegally arrested on November 18th, 2018, while she was supporting and reporting on the strike of the Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane workers. Since her illegal detention, Sepideh has been repeatedly beaten and tortured inside the dungeons of the regime.

She has been suffering from gastric bleeding, and her condition is deteriorating. In addition, Sepideh has recently contacted CORONA. She has received minimal to nil medical treatment, and her life is in dire danger at present. Although she was transferred to the prison’s quarantine area, the prison authorities have refused to release her, and her family’s repeated requests for a visit have been ignored.

Physical elimination of the opponents in prisons by using natural causes is the new trick of the government. They also used the same disgraceful method concerning Bektash Aptin. When he was finally released, but temporarily, and under intensive national and international pressure, his physical condition was so dire that it was impossible to save him. Now, this sinister plan is being carried out in relation to Ms Sepideh Gholian.

The undersigned strongly condemn the regime’s tricks in eliminating dissidents by not providing medical treatment or the opportunity to be treated by family. We believe that arresting and imprisonment of any individual based on their beliefs and political views are entirely illegal. Ms Gholian is one of those innocent prisoners that now requires international and national support and assistance.

We call for the full support of Amnesty International and all trade unions, progressive parties and individuals of Sepideh Gholian and other prisoners in similar circumstances.

We urge them to request her immediate and unconditional release to access the most suitable treatment as soon as possible.

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