Iran: A message to Arkan Saless Excavation workers

Re-posted from Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign

The following is the Khuzestan Vanguard Socialist Workers’ Cell’s message to the workers of Arkan Saless Excavation after Yaser Ahmadi, one of their activists, was sacked. The contract workers of Arkan Saless in southern Iran have pay and conditions that are significantly worse than those of the National Iranian Oil Company’s official workers.

Dear Excavation workmates

We found out that our dear workmate Yaser Ahmadi was fired from his job because his video clip of grievances was broadcast on Iran International TV. It’s like a whipping boy being punished for someone else’s crime.

A worker has rightly complained about our problems at work and this complaint was posted as a video clip on one or two of our workmates’ Telegram channels. And a few days later it was broadcast on a TV channel without his knowledge, and Yaser must pay the price for this broadcast. It seems that the bosses expect that all the workers will be gagged and that no one can question the authorities. Was Yaser’s grievance irrelevant? If you are afraid of this misuse by hostile channels, well, block the way of this misuse. Does firing Yaser solve the workers’ problems? You don’t have to be Einstein to understood that this is not the solution to the problem. Don’t the workers have the right to ask why you don’t give us what the government has approved? For how many years can the workers be fobbed off? You just expect no one to even squeak about it.

In the meantime, not only was Yaser fired, but they also threatened that if he does not leave the workplace on good terms, the security forces will inform the IRGC. How does a worker’s protest against non-payment of his approved wages and benefits become a security related act that requires security countermeasures?

Dear workmates

Such behaviour is a mirror of the future of each one of us. Such a fate awaits anyone who dares to say anything. But it seems that we have forgotten that our unity can even crack a mountain’s core. We can close our eyes and pass over the incident, because it has not touched us. But does our working-class honour let us leave our brother worker alone in such a situation?

The Khuzestan Vanguard Socialist Workers’ Cell, while unconditionally supporting our dear workmate Yaser Ahmadi, declares that making demands is the inalienable right of every worker, a right that is recognised on the basis of law, custom and ethics.

Workmates, we appeal to you to voice your protest about this injustice to the authorities, and how much better it would be if this is a collective and general protest. We announce our readiness to take part in any protest in advance.

Khuzestan Vanguard Socialist Workers’ Cell

Organiser: Comrade Martin

12 June 2024

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