Greece-Turkey-Cyprus: Joint statement of 47 environmental organizations on the earthquake in the Aegean sea

We publish a joint statement of 47 environmental and social organizations from Turkey, Greece and Cyprus on the latest earthquake in the Aegean sea. This initiative follows the joint statement of 68 organizations against the extraction of hydrocarbons on the East Mediterranean.

We believe that this initiative that unites groups, organizations and movements from both sides of the Aegean is of crucial importance, especially at this moment when our governments try to create nationalist tensions over their battle for domination in the area.

Common Voice from Two Sides of the Aegean Sea:
We stand in solidarity with life for people and the environment

On October 30, the Aegean Sea was shaken by an earthquake. We cry with the same tears to our losses on both sides.

On both sides of the Aegean sea damaged buildings collapsed on ordinary working people. The economic interests of the construction industry and the indifference of the state machine are to blame for this catastrophe and there is nothing “natural” in that.

Greek and Turkish states watched instead of preventing. They chose to spend huge amounts to fight each other instead of showing solidarity and cooperation. 

They continue to bring the soil upside down, starting from the Mediterranean sea. If the extraction of hydrocarbons proceeds as they plan there can be huge environmental impact in case of earthquakes, which are usual in our area.

Our societies should base on preparing for earthquakes, not ignoring them.

Policies that accelerate the earthquake and multiply its effects and disregard nature should be ended.

War is between life and capital, not between our peoples!

Stop hydrocarbon extraction now!

We are on both sides of the Aegean sea, with life, not profits!

Solidarity and struggle!



  1. Ankara Urban and Ecology Defense
  2. Amed Ecology Association
  3. Bakırtepe Environment Platform
  4. Baslangıc Ecology
  5. Burhaniye Environment Platform
  6. Buyuk Menderes Initiative
  7. Divrigi Culture Association
  8. The Nature Has Rights Platform
  9. Ecology Politics
  10. Hatay Defne Public Initiative
  11. Hatay The Future of Defne Platform
  12. HDK Ecology Assembly
  13. Hewsel Protection Platform
  14. HRA Antalya Branch Ecology Commission
  15. Ida Mountains İstanbul Solidarity
  16. Kusadası  Environment Platform
  17. Mardin Ecology Association
  18. Mesopotamia Ecology Movement
  19. Mugla Environment Platform
  20. Polen Ecology
  21. Sinop Urban Rights Association
  22. Sinop Platform Against Nuclear
  23. Sinop Association of Platform Against Nuclear
  24. Green Insurgency, Ecology and Life
  25. Green Left Climate Working Group
  26. Validebağ Volunteers


  1. Struggle committee of Thessaloniki against gold mining
  2. Landfill stop — citizens in action in Petroupoli Athens
  3. Network for information of citizens against mining — Extraction Stop Preveza
  4. Initiative of citizens against waste incineration “No Burn” — Volos
  5. Youth for the environment — Volos
  6. Podoniftis — stream of critics of the times and action
  7. Callisto, Wildlife and Nature Conservation Society
  8. Initiative of struggle in Zografou — Athens
  9. Struggle committee of Thessaloniki against waste incineration
  10. Ecology intervention of Heraklion
  11. Initiative against the environmental destruction and climate change
  12. Hellenic Mining Watch
  13. Move of citizens of Chortiatis – Thessaloniki
  14. Popular assembly of the citizens of Kolonos-Sepolia-Akadimias Platona in Athens
  15. Move for the protection and the promotion of the stream of Rafina — Athens
  16. Ilioupoli citizen move — Athens
  17. Ecology network
  18. Nomadic Architecture


  1. Initiative Against Gold Extraction 
  2. Avlı
  3. Left Movement

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