Greece: Support the AntinaziZone raffle for 2021!

Annual financial appeal by Antinazi Zone / Youth Against Racism in Europe

It’s been one year since the historic victory of the anti-fascist movement in Greece. Last year, on October 7, outside the Court that tried Golden Dawn in Athens, tens of thousands of antifascists celebrated the conviction that sent the criminals of Golden Dawn to jail. This year, the events and mobilizations of the “anti-fascist September”, in memory of Pavlos Fyssas, proved that the anti-fascist movement is still here. 

But at the same time, it’s becoming all the more clear that the fascists are planning their comeback. The events in the neighborhood of Stavroupoli, west Thessaloniki, where the fascists infiltrated schools and violently attacked left students and antifascists, acted as a reminder of what we have been saying from the very first moment: we are not done with fascism. 

Nazis and other right-wing extremists are trying to regain their footing, to infiltrate schools, to take advantage of the general rottenness that prevails, in order to re-establish their presence and rebuilt their forces.

Our task is to stop them! The mobilization of 4,000 anti-fascists in of Stavroupoli sent out the loud message “fascism: never again”. This is not just a slogan but a political conclusion drawn on a mass scale from the historical experience of the movement.

At this juncture, Antinazi Zone-YRE is launching its annual raffle which aims to financially support our anti-fascist and anti-racist actions for the coming period.

We have been present in all the major battles of the anti-fascist movement over the past years. We were outside the courts for the conviction of the Golden Dawn Nazis, in the demonstrations for Pavlos Fyssas, in the campaigns of solidarity with immigrants and refugees. We actively participated in the Anti-Fascist Coordination of Athens-Piraeus and decisively helped the campaign “They are not innocent” to move forward. We provide continuous information on fascist issues and the anti-fascist movement through our website 

We appeal to friends & supporters of Antinazi Zone – YRE and to anti-fascists who believe that collectives like ours have a role to play and a contribution to make in this struggle, to support us financially. 

The raffle will run until November 20 (at a time and place to be announced later) and there are a number of prizes, most of which are donations from supporters and friends:

  • A Dell Inspiron 3505 laptop (Ryzen 3 3250U/15.6 FHD/4GB/128GB SSD)
  • A 3-night stay on the island of Andros at the “Rastoni” apartment complex located in the traditional settlement of Anemomyli in Andros Town, for 2 or 3 persons ( 
  • A 2-night stay on the island of Tzia at the apartment complex “Vilai” located in Korissia, in July for 2 persons.
  • Α 4-night stay in a holiday apartment in Leptokarya, Pieria, for 4 persons.

Each raffle ticket costs 1€ and you can get them by contacting the Antinazi Zone facebook page  or by email

Support the fight against Greek fascists! 

No passaran! 

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