Greece: Public online meeting on feminist struggles

On Wednesday, March 3, the Greek feminist campaign Free & Combative is organising a public online event in preparation of the International Women’s Day protests.

The title of the meeting is

“From being victimized by the system to the struggle against sexism – feminist resistances in Greece and worldwide”

The speakers will be:

  • Cele Fierro (Argentina) from Movimiento Socialista de los Trabajadores
  • Çağla Elektrikçi (Northern Cyprus) from Free & Combative in Cyprus
  • Deborah Cavalcante (Brazil) from PSOL and Resistencia
  • Nasim Sedaghat (Iran), a former political prisoner, from the Iranian Revolutionary Marxist Tendency
  • Kypridou Marianthi (Greece) from Free & Combative in Volos
  • Mitsou Eleni (Greece) from Free & Combative in Athens 
  • Michaloglou Jo (Greece) from Free & Combative in Thessaloniki 
  • Skampa Athina (Greece) from the organization Kokkino Nima

Comrades and friends can follow the meeting through Facebook livestreaming, the link will be announced at the Free & Combative Facebook page. The meeting will be held in Greek.

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