Cyprus: Thousands March Against Fascist Attacks on Sunday, September 10

Over 2,000 demonstrators participated in the march that took place in Nicosia on September 10. The demo was organized by left-wing groups, the anti-authoritarian movement, as well as organizations advocating for immigrant, LGBTQI, and women’s rights.

This marked the third consecutive anti-fascist event, following two prior protests in Limassol. Notably, it was the largest march Nicosia has witnessed since the 2021 anti-police brutality march (titled Ως Δαμέ– or Enough is Enough), which took place during the pandemic.

Furthermore, Sunday’s march represented the largest anti-fascist march in Cyprus and the biggest one in Nicosia since 2009. Thousands of voices resonated with chants such as “Hands off the immigrants,” “We stand with immigrants,” “Fascism shall not prevail,” and “Smash the fascists in every neighborhood.”

The march on September 10 delivered a resounding message against the recent fascist attacks in Chloraka and Limassol. It also denounced political forces attempting to equate fascists with anti-fascists, employing the theory of two extremes.

The sheer magnitude of yesterday’s march underscored that anti-fascists are not extremists but an integral part of society. They stand in opposition to fascists who organize attacks against immigrants and spread racist falsehoods and hatred.

We are advancing!

The fight against fascism, racism, nationalism, and capitalist exploitation continues.

Those who initiated, coordinated, and participated in the anti-fascist events and marches during the past ten days are vital in driving forward the creation of a united resistance front against the growing threat of fascism.

The banner of New Internationalist Left at the demo

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