Cyprus: First public meeting of Free and Combative on women and the war in Ukraine

We publish the press statement of Free and Combative in Cyprus regarding their first public meeting

Join us for the first public discussion of Ozgur ve Asi/ Μαχητικές και Ελεύθερες / Free and Combative in Cyprus / Kıbrıs.

The war in Ukraine goes on for more than a month.

Thousands are being killed and millions are fleeing to save their lives. Millions of lives are being sacrificed in the conflict of the interests of imperialist powers.

Women and their movement should play an active role in the antiwar movement.

Women are victimized during the conflict, as once again rape is used as a weapon.
Women are the majority of the refugees, falling victim to pimps and traffickers.
Women are trying to make ends meet in the crisis that a war creates, for the survival of themselves and of the people dependent on them.

The women’s movement internationally and historically has played an important role in the antiwar movement, a role that for us is an example of action.

Join us in a discussion about the implications of war and crisis on women but also on the role of the women’s movement against the war and in the struggle for a society without poverty and exploitation.

Link for Zoom Meeting

More info on the facebook event here 

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