Afghanistan’s women’s struggle continues

Statement by Afghanistan’s Revolutionary Marxists’ Tendency

By suspending women’s right to education, the criminal regime of the Islamic Emirate has once again proved that their only inevitable end is their ruthless crushing by the revolution of the working and toiling masses, a revolution in which the oppressed toiling women will undoubtedly be the flag bearers. Now we’ve had it up to our necks and the voices of protest have been raised among the masses. People everywhere are shouting their discontent. And may these waves of protests roar and spread. In Herat and in other parts of the country, militant and heroic women fearlessly took to the streets. Students in Balkh and in other places joined the protest wave. A number of university professors, in solidarity with this wave, also protested by going on strike and even resigned. An unorganised and natural solidarity and unity has arisen, and this is all due to the increasing oppression and bullying of the criminal regime.

The reactionary ideas of the Taliban are inherently anti-woman and anti-human, and now that they want to deal with the imperialist governments, they use women as a lever to apply pressure, or a trump card, so that women’s oppression also reaches the highest possible level. This vicious reactionary regime must be destroyed very ruthlessly and violently. The overthrow of this regime is not possible without class organisation. The capitalist and aristocratic classes have always made compromises and deals with the ruling groups, and this is one of the disgusting characteristics of capitalism. At the same time, the vile Taliban regime has caused unemployment and widening poverty. Now, the overwhelming majority of Afghanistan’s toiling masses are thinking of overthrowing the regime.

What can actually overthrow the regime is the widening of protests in every form, and strikes by employees and professors of universities and government and non-government offices, and along with it, a people’s war, to destroy an oppressive class regime!

Let us spread the protests more widely!
Let us prepare for the overthrow of this vicious capitalist regime!
Let us prepare for a workers’ revolution!

Afghanistan’s Revolutionary Marxists’ Tendency 

24 December 2022

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